Learning Ledger delivers a whole of student view, across all school data sources.

Learning Data is in plentiful supply in K-12 schools. As multiple sources of teaching and learning data grow across schools, leaders and teachers know how these data silos fragment and mask important teaching and learning stories.


Learning Ledger builds a unified whole-of-student view across all available data to surface the teaching and learning stories that K-12 leaders and teachers want to read.

Multiple sources of data combine into school, cohort, class, teacher and student data stories .

Ledger has changed my Life

This school has opened up writing and loves the imapact – read about how here!


Imagine one place to find the learning story of each studentĀ ?

Across years at school, multiple subjects and teacher observations, formative and summative testing and multiple diagnostic tests, pastoral events, sport teams and participation in interests and community, just to name a few, the story of each student is found in the data you hold.

Ledger also aggregates data across school and cohort views.


Take a moment and read a single student story in Ledger. Most schools have over 15 data sources, with data everywhere.

Schools count on Literatu to bring a single view of each student, into view across volumes of data and data sources.