Leverage Learning Progression assessment and reporting, quickly.

Leverage Learning Progression assessment and reporting, quickly.

Welcome to Literatu Learning Progressions (LLP)

Managing Learning Progressions is an intentional process in most K-12 schools. However, building capabilities that track progress across thousands of learning progressions for hundreds, if not thousands, of students is a big challenge. There is no shortcut to managing Learning Progressions. One thing for sure is that implementing a system to manage the recording and reporting of learning progressions should not mean more teacher time.

Gonski 2.0 has identified that formative assessment and teaching should be linked directly to student level learning progression assessments. There is a new energy in schools founded on the possibilities of what learning progression insights will deliver. Literatu introduces a simple and powerful way to make this happen.

The objective of LLP from Literatu is to get LP assessments operational across the school, in hours.

Literatu Learning Progressions (LLP) offers K-12 schools a way to assess students across ACARA literacy and numeracy developmental continuums. When teachers observe and record learning progressions they have the opportunity to identify individual student learning levels that need extension or remediation, quickly. Learning Progressions offer a unique way of building real time feedback for real time teaching and learning.

Literatu implements a unique approach to recording and reporting Learning Progressions across chorts, classes and students. The system is flexible and can include any level of assessment framework the school wants to use, in one process.