Scribo helps teachers help students to write better

AI infused feedback and guidance gives teachers more time to guide students

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Scribo is the text analysis platform of choice for K-12 schools wanting to improve English writing skills across all humanities subjects. Scribo reduces the feedback workload, opening unique insights into who needs specific help to improve their writing.

Before teachers read a word of student text, Scribo builds powerful insights across seven levels of writing analysis. In minutes, Scribo saves hours of teacher review and feedback time. With insights in hand, teachers get back to teaching.  


Opening Scribo Student as a school wide resource gives students access to comprehensive writing checks suitable for any subject and level across any extended text response.


Scribo Connect is an intelligent learning engine that imports and analyses all genres of student texts. Before teachers review any drafts or submissions, Scribo has read every word.



Scribo School aligns Scribo Student and Scribo Connect. Teachers and students join  in a closed loop of feedback, insights and opportunities to grow writing skills across the school.

Scribo talks to everyone in the improvement cycle

  • Scribo School is a powerful text improvement and analysis platform helping K-12 humanities teachers and students improve English writing skills.
  • Join teachers and students across the school in a closed loop of feedback, insights, analytics and opportunities to grow writing skills.
  • Students access consistent feedback and guidance.
  • Teachers scale their capabilities past the reach of the classroom and current time constraints.
  • Scribo Student and Scribo Connect join forces when teachers are ready to maximise a powerful single suite.
  • Driven by AI and machine learning, Scribo’s core mission is to support teachers, certainly not replace them.Hawking was right to refer to Artificial Intelligence as Assistive Intelligence because that is where we are at right now. AI however is capable of repeating structured and unstructured tasks at elevated levels of accuracy, tirelessly.
Scribo Connect is the artificial intelligence learning engine that imports and analyses all genres of student texts. Before teachers even start reviewing student drafts and submissions, Scribo has read every word. Integrated with O365 and Google, Scribo connect requires no additional work from teachers to start the analysis.

Scribo Connect:

  • builds comprehensive analyses from all student texts
  • blends data and discoveries into live insights for the class and individual students
  • suggests where to improve student writing across six insight categories
  • allows teachers to grade, compare, summarise and deliver direct fast feedback online
  • creates a range of writing analytics, built from a full analysis of student text submissions
  • auto sends feedback reports to students
  • tracks growth and opportunities for improvement across levels of writing
  • rolls up data from student, class, subject and year levels for consolidated discussions, teaching and resource planning.

Scribo quickly becomes every teachers’ assistant, helping to reduce grading time, optimise feedback and track improvement across student writing skills. Scribo Connect can be run as standalone resource for teachers.

Scribo Student is a school wide resource giving students access to a comprehensive writing check across any extended text response. Linked to powerful AI services, student feedback is instant and accurate.

Scribo Student runs an on-demand seven point writing check, reporting writing issues and concerns across:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Passive voice
  • Vocabulary
  • Readability
  • Sentence structure
  • Cohesive use

Students make corrections in situ, access context-aware online help and writing tips. Every time students activate the Writing Check, diagnostic data is gathered. Teachers and students have immediate access to detailed metrics on where students need the most help and where Scribo is supporting students with feedback.

Teachers have access the same student analysis tools, able to replicate writing checks on student work to gain further insights into the same identified opportunities for improvement. Scribo Student can be a standalone resource for the entire school, offered exclusively to students as an additional, school sponsored resource.

Watch how Scribo opens writing, right up!

Compare Scribo functionality. It's purpose built for Students and Teachers.

If you want to build consistency in writing and feedback across all English and Humanities writing, Scribo is made for you.







Grammar and Spelling check for students linked to teacher evaluation tools for the cohort

Extended writing checks for  vocabulary, cohesives, sentences, paragraphs

Extended writing advice on vocabulary, cohesives, sentences, paragraphs

Aggregate data analytics across all student writing checks, visible to all teachers

Integrated Grammar advice and examples for students


Able to read documents from PDF, Word or Google sources

Break analysis into 7 levels for student and cohort comparison

Detailed topic analysis and extraction

Analysis of writing at topic level including keywords

Analysis of cohort cohesives with integrated examples and extracts

Analysis of cohort vocabulary, word choice and usage patterns across parts of speech

Analysis of cohort sentence composition showing diversity and density

Analysis of cohort paragraphs with examples

Analysis of cohort spelling and grammar issues in extended text

Teachers open student text from a single grading conduit no matter the source

Teacher retain access to original document to check references

Machine learning guiding text rating estimates

Teachers rate text for improvement and measurement

Analysis of keyword, cohesives and academic words in Parts of Speech analysis

Teachers voice record or type feedback assigned to student and or group in long text marking

Full analysis of feedback at student and chort level

Able to build / submit draft texts with multiple analysis points

Teacher assignment of text ratings

Flexible grading system for all texts

Ability to set any writing text prompt for students to complete online using any product

Auto build of student feedback report for each student via email

Full analytics across all student texts and cohort results for draft and final grading


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Frequently asked questions

Does Scribo link to Google Drive, Onedrive or others like Dropbox?

Scribo will read directly from a Onedrive folder, a Google Drive Folder or any other drive you can access via Finder on Mac or Explorer on Windows.

Open the folder and select the files that make up the student responses. The text is uploaded to our secure server for analysis.

Why did we build Scribo?

It’s all over the news: student writing skills all over the world are flat or going backwards.

This got us thinking; how can we help?

The Literatu platform delivers learning analytics and assessment solutions to schools. We also have a long history in helping students write better.

What if we could join awesome machine learning and AI technology with the best education analytics platform there is?

We asked teachers and leaders what they needed. Two areas came up most: help with the task and time.

Writing is hard work. It involves problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity as well as knowing and applying language rules. Second, students get better by writing more and getting feedback (and then writing more) repeatedly. This requires LOTS of time from teachers who are already busy teaching a very full curriculum. The pressures of task and time made our challenge clear: we have to help students write better and teachers work less.

Welcome to Scribo.

Scribo’s mission is to help English teachers save time and have more visibility into where students need more help with their writing skills. Scribo dramatically reduces the time teachers currently spend in reviewing, grading and giving students feedback.

Scribo scans and processes every word of every text submitted by students, building a highly visible analysis of where students can improve their writing and where teachers can add the most value with the skills they bring to the table.

Scribo builds a series of analyses across seven key traits of writing to give teachers an instant summary of all student skills, all before they have even read one word.

Real examples of all findings are extracted to promote group discussion and peer review. We have never met an English teacher who could read 30,000 words of student texts in seconds and dissect who needs help, with what skill… Scribo can.

What file types does Scribo read?

Scribo reads Word DocX files, PDF files, Google Doc and Text files. PDF files must be created as a print from a text format, not a picture. If the PDF is written as an embedded picture, the file won’t be read. Any file that is not accepted will be put into our File Manager holding bay. Here is where we alery you to files that don’t make sense and we need you to check. Of course these files may be perfectly valid, we just want to be sure. Examples of files that would end up in the holding bay include:
* Really long responses, way past the word limit suggested by teachers
* Really short responses that are less than 30% of the total expected words
* Files we simply can’t read. Sometimes students put passwords on files
* PDF files that we cant read because of images or passwords

Setting up Scribo for Student Accounts

Scribo integrates into a classroom two ways. Our aim is to make Scribo easy to use in both cases.
* Teachers who want to integrate Scribo into current student Microsoft and Google logins and then link these students to classes, and
* Teachers who simply want to upload student texts and have access to text analysis without the hassle of setting up student accounts
If your school has O365 accounts or Google accounts that students use to login, Scribo uses the linked account information to create Class and student accounts in Scribo. Student Scribo accounts are linked to their O365 or Google account.
Linking from Microsoft or Google, teachers build classes simply by loading student texts. Scribo does the rest. Students use their accounts to log into Scribo, see their work and summary reports. This will be available in version 2.
If your school does not use Google or Microsoft O365 as a single student sign in, Scribo doesn’t mind. Each student is referenced by the file name they submit. Scribo will NOT create student accounts as we don’t have a single source of truth about the student email accounts. If Eddie Gumpy names his text eddie_gumpy_yr8_essay – this file name is helpful for a teacher to identify Eddie’s response.
If Eddie was a bit more animated and named his file e-1 , you can see it makes identification more difficult for the teacher.
A great way to use Scribo without linked student accounts is to set a standard for students to follow. First name _ Surname- date- should be the minimum file name format for each student who submits text.

Does Scribo modify files?

The ideal format of a Scribo text response (document) submitted by a student, will have no headers, no title or no student, teacher or class name as a header.

We just want the text response to the question, that’s all. When Scribo sees what it thinks are names, headers, teacher and class references, it removes this text so it is excluded from the core text analysis. There is no point identifying a key topic as the name of the class.

All pictures are removed, tables, charts and web references. Bibliographies are also removed. Teachers can always launch the original file submitted by students to see extra effort and notation the student submitted. Scribo also excludes header and footer content to increase the accuracy of the analysis we do.

How does Scribo create feedback?

Scribo has fantastic feedback tools for teachers. With all of the student texts one click away, feedback can be created via text or voice in a single click. Teachers record feedback for the whole class in one click rather than opening and closing every text. Student and group feedback can be made across text ratings elements, targeted via categories to keep everything in context. Teachers track all feedback given at class and student level.

Allocate Grades

Scribo has a very flexible grading system. In fact, you decide how you want to work the grading system, your wish is our command. You can allocate any literal (A, VH, UI) with a + or – slant or simply record 6/10 or 47.5 / 60. We really don’t mind and yes, we give you the results into Excel to update your good old LMS or SIS. Scribo also has a great ratings system. The objective of grading is not to arrive at an endpoint that defines only a final score. Scribo lets teachers rate the progress of student work against 6 metrics, across 4 quartiles. Across Topic, Cohesives, Sentences, Vocabulary, Paragraphs and Grammar and Spelling, teachers can rate student journey scores, building a history of progress and visibility into where additional support can be applied.
Being your assistant, Scribo will estimate the ratings. Teachers simply agree or override in one click. As this happens, Scribo is learning from teachers and really refining data analytics.

Compare Texts

Teachers can compare student texts side by side. This is particularly useful to help maintain grading consistency across a range of texts. Open an exemplar text and on screen compare it to another text. Consistency in grading is a good thing. Teachers tell us that after reading the first dozen texts, mental comparisons become more like mental gymnastics.